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Lynn Humphreys

Volunteering since 2018-03-29
Total Service Hours: 4939.06
Total Service Hours in 2024: 95.64

Lynn has been associated with the Marines since 1968. Married to a carrier Marine who was a Vietnam and Desert Storm Veteran. She has four adopted sons that all served and are now retired.She also has Grandsons in the Marines. She hopes that her experience and knowledge of the Marines will help support the grandparents that are new to the Marine Corps Family.

Lynn is originally from Newport Beach, California. She and her family spent many years at Camp Pendleton until they became stationed at 29 Palms. She worked as a Building Engineer for 30 years, along with other administrative jobs as they moved to different duty stations. Lynn and her family settled in the Kansas City area in 1987 where they were stationed, until her husband retired in 1993. She now lives in Missouri. She has four daughters and four adopted sons. Many grand and great grandchildren. She is retired now except for a long arm quilting business in her home.

Lynn became associated with the MarineParents Facebook site when her grandsons enlisted almost four years ago. Her late husband always felt it was important to be a mentor to the young Marines that he was stationed with where ever they went. As a result she has many Marine sons and daughters stationed all over the world in which she still keeps in touch. Lynn felt it was important to keep up her husband's tradition of mentoring the young Marines. She feels that being involved with the various MarineParents Facebook groups for Marine Families and MarineParents Community Relations is her way of doing that. She hopes that she will be able to give them an understanding and appreciation of the Marine Corps, and the support they may need during their journey.

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