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Adriane Nelson

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MPG Group Leader Marine Parents

Adriane Nelson

Volunteering since 2017-07-13
Total Service Hours: 3998.61
Total Service Hours in 2024: 0

Adriane is an Assistant Group Leader for Mike Company, San Diego, a Group Leader in Japan Fleet Group, Louisiana and Michigan State Groups.

She is an unexpected and extremely proud Marine Mom. Her son decided to become a Marine just a month before high school graduation. She can’t believe how being a parent of a Marine has changed her life. Adriane's son is currently at his PDS location. Adriane is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at a pediatric office which is where she gets her “kid fix” as she became an empty-nester when her son joined the Marines. She and her husband, Kyle, have an older son who is an architect. In her new found free time, Adriane enjoys reading, musicals, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Adriane felt the call to volunteer with MarineParents after her son left boot camp. She could not have imagined going through the 13 weeks of bootcamp without the support of Lisa and the Lima team. She is looking forward to providing other recruit families with the same love and support as they begin their journeys into the Marine Corps!

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