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Krista Douglas

Volunteering since 2020-09-10
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 393.09

Krista comes from a vast Military background. Her father served in the U.S. Navy for 24 years. She joined the U.S. Army right after high school and served 3 years, before getting out to raise her family. Her husband, who she met while being stationed in Germany, served in the U.S. Army for 20 years. She is a proud mother of three wonderful children. Her oldest son is currently serving in the U.S Army. Her middle son is the first Marine of the family. Her youngest daughter is still in school and would like to work at a zoo one day. She likes camping with her family, reading, and going to the beach.

Krista became a volunteer for because she wanted to be able to help new Marine moms like those that helped guide her through. She can’t wait to share her experiences with the other families and to be able to help them through the roller coaster with their new Recruits.

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