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Sheri Edwards

Volunteering since 2020-03-23
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 274

Sheri has been married for 26 years and the mother of four. Sheri and her husband are the proud parents of 2 United States Marines. Her family has lived in Brazil for over 20 years where they have served as missionaries establishing churches and teaching English. Other than taking care of family and teaching, Sheri is also a public speaker and author. Sheri loves Family, America, Dogs, Birds, and Cooking. Now an empty nester, she is also taking up a little painting and woodwork. Currently, she is helping her husband manage their farm in Southern Brazil between facetiming her Marines across the world.

When her oldest son signed up for the USMC, Sheri had no clue about the Marine Corps outside of movies she had watched on television. Her questions about what was next for her son led her to the MarineParents and RecruitParents sites. She set about the business of learning everything she could in order to support her son. Her youngest son then signed up and her commitment to gathering information doubled. Soon she was purchasing items in the EGA Shop and buying a cover protector for her first Marine. The MP FB groups were such a tremendous help and tool to her as she navigated the 13 weeks of Boot Camp that Sheri decided it was her turn to pay it forward and help others who were searching for answers as well. Volunteering for a trusted organization like MarineParents .com is helping her follow her Marines through the stages of their career and gives Sheri a sense of belonging to something that cares about the Marine Corps Family in its entirety.

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