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Cheryl Griffin

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Region 6 Assistant Group Leader Region 6 South East

Cheryl Griffin

Volunteering since 2019-12-06
Total Service Hours: 921.99
Total Service Hours in 2023: 51.01

Cheryl describes herself as a much-loved child of God, a wife, a mother, a dog lover and a volunteer. When she is not volunteering you can typically find her walking the dog, listening to music, reading a book or traveling with her husband to whom she has been happily married for most of her life. Cheryl has two grown children, both boys. Her oldest son lived in Japan and then Hungary where he taught English as a second language for 4 years after graduating from college in 2014. A year later her youngest son, who is now a veteran, joined the Marine Corps and served four years as a field radio operator. During his active duty service, he deployed twice. Currently, both of her children live within an hour of Cheryl and her husband. She thinks that is the perfect distance…it is close enough to visit often, but not before calling first.

As a mom of two children who have “left the nest” and traveled the world, Cheryl understands the feeling is completely different when you’re a MoM. She remembers the angst she felt numerous times while her youngest was active duty. She recalls feeling like others outside of the military lifestyle sometimes didn’t understand her myriad of emotions when her youngest left for boot camp, went to MCT, MOS, A PDS, and deployments. MarineParents is where Cheryl spent time whenever she needed to cry, vent, talk, listen or learn. As a volunteer at heart Cheryl wants to help others who are riding the wave of emotions that being a family member of a Marine brings. She believes this is the place for her to do so.

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