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Sherri Trinler

Volunteering since 2019-08-02
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 169.93

Sherri spends her time between homes in North Texas and Kentucky with her husband David and feline family members named Snooki and Oliver. She is originally from Kentucky where she developed her lifelong love of horses and of course, Kentucky Wildcats basketball. She enjoys birdwatching, going off-roading with her Marine, and running. In 2018 she ran the New York City Marathon which was the high point of her running career until 2020 when she ran the Marine Corps Marathon and her Marine hung the glorious medal around her neck. She retired from Corporate America where she held a leadership position in the insurance industry for most of her 32-year career. David and Sherri enjoy traveling, watching movies, spending time with family and friends but most of all they love talking about their one and only son who is a Marine. Since he is an only child the whole "Mom, I enlisted in the Marines" took some serious adjustment on her part. After a whirlwind of emotions ran their course it sunk in that he was really doing this so she got behind him 100% and found MarineParents so she could learn more about the new world her son "drafted" her into. He graduated boot camp in the summer of 2019 and she could not be more proud of him and his huge accomplishment. Her Marine proudly serves in the Marine Corps Reserves and drills in Ft. Worth Texas. She proudly claims the title of Mother of a Marine that he bestowed upon her.

MarineParents was a Godsend to Sherri while her son was at boot camp. The volunteers took great care ensuring questions were answered timely, fears were lessened and encouragement offered. She was so impressed with MarineParents and so appreciative of the volunteers' daily support that she felt called to become a volunteer in 2019. She is inspired to pay it forward and provide encouragement to those families who are going on the journey from Recruit to United States Marine. She is honored to be a volunteer in such a dynamic and remarkable organization.

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