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John Diolosa

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Region 5 CR Presenter New York
PI 2nd RTBN Group Guide PI Echo

John Diolosa

Volunteering since 2018-07-13
Total Service Hours: 1189.21
Total Service Hours in 2021: 3.76

John serves as a MP volunteer to provide encouragement, support, and information to families and friends of their poolies as they head off to Parris Island to become recruits, and to begin training in their quest to become United States Marines.

John served in the United States Marine Corps from 1980-1986, and also served in the National Guard and US Army IRR from 1989-1996. John and his wife Nancy have been married since November 1983, and they have 2 sons. Anthony, who is 10 years older, serves in Law Enforcement in New York State, and his younger brother Jamie, who is 10 years younger, is their Marine. Jamie graduated boot camp at Parris Island on 8/3/18 as a Private First Class. In addition, John's wife Nancy is the primary caretaker of John's developmentally challenged younger brother Jamie M. Diolosa.

John believes that his prior Military Service, along with seeing his youngest son enlist in the Marine Corps, has given him a unique perspective from both sides. He knows what it takes to become a Marine from first hand experience, as well as the concerns and fears of families and friends who send their loved ones off to Boot Camp. It is his hope that he can provide compassion and guidance to these families and friends, while helping them to become familiar with the Military aspect of the journey that their loved ones have chosen to take.

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