Meet Kathy

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Kathy Geyer

VIT Kilo Company (SD) in training

Marine and

Kathy is a Volunteer in Training. She lives in Southeast Missouri and is the proud parent of five children. The oldest three are boys, ages 22, 18, and 18. Tthe youngest of the group are her girls, who are 16.

Her Marine is the middle of the three boys, and has wanted to be a Marine since he was a little boy. It came as no surprise when he asked her to come sign papers! He left for boot camp on 9/11/2017, had a detour thru medical, and graduated on 3/16/2018! She is proud of all her children, but was a little out of her element when it came to supporting her son in boot camp.

She was able to find a fantastic support system thru Marine Parents on Facebook! Kathy was so thankful and impressed with all the information and volunteers that helped her throughout this journey that she felt excited and the need to volunteer to offer assistance to other families that are going through this new phase of their child's life.

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