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Lisa West

Group Guide Delta Company (Parris Island)

Marine and

Lisa is the Assistant Group Leader with Delta Company, Parris Island and a Group Guide for Kilo, Parris Island.

Lisa is a proud mom of a Marine. She's from Calvert County,Maryland and is new to the Military life, but has found support and encouragement from those that she encounters either on Facebook groups or through friends, who have sons that are also serving in the USMC.

Lisa is originally from Prince George's County, MD but moved to Colorado Springs, CO. After about 7 years, she decided to return to MD. She has resided in Calvert County, Maryland since 2008 with her husband and children. In addition to her Marine, Lisa has a daughter, who is currently in High School. Lisa is also an animal lover, having 3 dogs, 1 cat, some fish,3 turtles, and a bird. It's never a dull moment in her house.

Lisa was first introduced to Marine Parents when her son sat down with his recruiter for the first time. After leaving the recruiter's office with information, Lisa decided to jump in and get all the information that she could find out about this journey that her son was about to embark on. This was in March of 2017 and she still continues to gather all the information that she can about the process. Now that her son is a Marine, Lisa feels that by volunteering will not only educate her further about the USMC and her family's future with the Marine Corps, but also help to support and encourage other families. throughout their Marine Corps journey.

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