Meet Misty

a volunteer at Our volunteers work around the United States in a variety of capacities. Please give a shout out of thanks to one of our Official Marine Parents Facebook Group volunteers!

Misty Snyder

Group Guide Hotel Company (San Diego)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 167.66! Misty is a volunteer Platoon Parent for Hotel Company, San Diego. She is a new volunteer as of October, 2017.

Misty is the proud parent of a new Marine graduating from Hotel Company, San Diego in November, 2017. She is the mother of 4 boys and lives in Tacoma, Washington.

While her son was going through Boot Camp, Misty found strength and encouragement from the Marine Parents Hotel Company Facebook page. It was so helpful to be informed of different things the recruits were doing from day to day and phase to phase. Misty was so thankful for the help she received while her Recruit was training that she decided she’d love to be a part of encouraging others as their recruits go through Boot Camp.

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