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Amanda Jacobs

VITPP Lima Company (SD) in training w/mentor

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Amanda is a Platoon Parent for Lima Company, San Diego and excited about connecting with and supporting other Marine/Recruit families.

She lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, three youngest children and their Husky dog Remi. Amanda has been married to husband Jason, a Marine Veteran, for 3 years. Together they have 3 boys, ages 18, 11 & 9 and 1 daughter who is 6. Her oldest is her recruit who is currently in boot camp in San Diego. He has always felt a calling to the military and joined the DEP when he was 17. He is the best big brother and always puts God and family first. Amanda is so proud of her Marine in the Making! Amanda works full time as a real estate agent/stay at home mom. She volunteers at her church and at her younger children's school. Amanda and her husband are very active and love to workout together every morning. Amanda's family loves to travel and do outdoor activities, but their favorites are hiking and running. Every year the entire family including her recruit, run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon races.

Amanda believes in God, family, and giving back. Amanda wanted to volunteer with because it gives her that opportunity to give back to other families who are experiencing the same thing she has. She understands that it can be a difficult process and appreciates all the love and support she has received from

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