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Monique Purvis

Group Guide Hotel Company (San Diego)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Volunteering is giving. Giving is a blessing. Giving parents support, understanding, knowledge and advice of the unknown, leads to Hope, Belief and Faith.

Monique is still in love, happily married and with 2 boys and 1 granddaughter, the love of her life. Her youngest son is her Marine. Monique has always been the go to parent for her boys. Anything anyone was uncertain about, they knew she would find the answer. Monique has been a parent volunteer for her church little league sports team, High School football team and MCJROTC.

Monique joined Marine Parents when her youngest son was received at MCRDSD to become a Marine. The way she found Marine Parents in her words, "Inquiring Minds want to Know". Monique wanted to know what her son was doing day to day, so she started her search. Finding Marine Parents was the start of her journey to becoming MoM. Monique is and will forever be grateful for the support, guidance and advice she was give throughout her son's 13 week journey. Everyday Monique is reading post to find people who are wondering the same things she was. Now she wants to Pay it Forward.

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