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Missy Stoner

Group Guide Bravo Company (San Diego)

Marine and

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 109.87! Missy currently serves as a Assistant Group Leader for Bravo Company, San Diego and Group Leader in State Team Missouri. She is also Interim Group Leader for Delta SD and is currently a Coach in Training for 1st RTBN San Diego.

Missy runs a state, licensed daycare out of her home for her full time job and works at a residential facility on the weekends as a Level 1 Med Aide. Missy volunteers her time with her church in which she leads Bible drill for the 4-6 graders and is the Associational Bible Drill leader for the Bethel Baptist Association. Missy and her husband Jason have been married 17 years and they have 5 children of which their oldest is a Marine that graduated with Bravo Company on September 22, 2017. He married after ITB and is expecting his first child, their first grand baby (it’s a boy!!) in December, their second oldest is in her freshman year of college and plans on going into nursing, their third child is a senior this year and he plans on going into construction after graduation, their fourth child is a sophomore and is in cheer leading and plans on becoming a teacher, their youngest is 13 and plans to follow big brother into the Marines. Missy also volunteers with the school as the treasurer for a group called P.R.I.D.E (parents responsible in drug education),where they put on an after- prom party for the high school to offer a safe, drug free night for the students.

Missy loves helping others and hopes to be able to give back to Marine Parents by helping other recruit parents as they go through recruit training and encourage them and guide them.

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