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Laura Smith

GL Bravo Company (PI) Interim GL Kilo & India

Marine and

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 366.01! Laura started volunteering as a Delta Co. Platoon Parent, Parris Island, in 2017. She became a Group Guide and continued to volunteer in Delta, as well as Alpha and Bravo. Laura is currently a Group Leader for Bravo, and is currently volunteering as an Interim on Kilo and India. Laura does also volunteer with the "Condolence Book Project" Group with Marine Family Network.

Laura's son, the oldest of her two children, attended Boot Camp at Parris Island. Her son is the first Marine in the family. Laura is married and works as an Office Manager for a Geothermal Heating Company. She and her husband, Jamie, have five children between them and live in beautiful Upstate New York.

The Marine Parents facebook group was an amazing support system to Laura while her son was in boot camp. Having had no exposure to the Marine family, it was all very new to her. The support and guidance that they provided were a lifeline. As boot camp went on, Laura recognized that she loved helping other parents learn all the different things that she had learned. Boot Camp is a time of growth and change for not only the Recruit, but for their loved ones as well. If she can help loved ones of new recruits understand the process, and make it easier for them, she feels like she is giving back just a little of the support that she received.

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