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Nikki Chuml

Group Guide Golf Company (San Diego)

Marine and

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 275.35! Nikki is a Assistant Group Leader in the Golf Company, San Diego group.

She is lucky enough to be married to a wonderful man and has 3 great children and 2 wonderful grandkids. Her oldest daughter is a teacher, the next daughter is an athletic trainer for a college sports program and her youngest is her Marine son. She is a Registered Nurse and after 28 years of bringing babies into the world as a Labor and Delivery nurse, she now enjoys working in Risk Management and running her own business at home as a Legal Nurse Consultant. She has a 11 year old grandson and a 8 year old granddaughter, who, along with her children, are the light of her life. Her son is at his PDS after graduating from the Aircrew Candidacy School, Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training and 204 flight school. He is currently flying on the V-22, Osprey. She is very proud of her son serving our country.

Nikki volunteered with both the soccer region near her home and the high school band. Helping kids be successful is something she takes pride in and enjoyed being the soccer mom and band mom for hundreds of kids. She enjoys giving time to better the lives of many kids, including her own. God has granted her a beautiful family and the gift of love, so she shares it with all that she can. She believes in helping others and making the life of others as happy as she has with her own.

Nikki chose to become a volunteer for so that she can help others get through the process of their children leaving the nest to serve their Country. She feels she would not have been able to get through boot camp and SOI without the wonderful groups and volunteers on this Facebook site. Now it is her turn to help another mother, father, sister, girlfriend or bestfriend, through the world of the unknown. She hopes to put minds at ease that their sons and daughters have chosen this path in life and to help answer their many questions they have, just as she did. Her motto is, “We will get through this, together”.

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