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a volunteer at Our volunteers work around the United States in a variety of capacities. Please give a shout out of thanks to one of our Official Marine Parents Facebook Group volunteers!

John McIntire

Group Guide Bravo Co (Parris Island)

Marine and

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 220.8! Lee is a proud Recruit father who currently serves as a Recruit Parent Facebook Group Guide, Bravo Company, MCRD Parris Island.

He lives in Western Pennsylvania with his wife and three sons. He has two older sons and an older daughter. Lee is a retired police officer and is now a Project Manager with a structural steel fabricator and erector. He is currently a Character Coach with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Lee is extremely proud of his Recruit. In addition to the Marines, his Recruit investigated the Army and National Guard.

Lee was never in the military; however being a character coach with FCA and a former police officer, he has excellent people skills.

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