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Shelley Bedford

Group Leader Kilo & Golf Company (Parris Island)

Marine and

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 90.68! Shelley is a Group Leader in Golf Company, Parris Island.

Shelley lives in a military community in the southeast with her husband and nine of her ten children. Shelley’s husband is retired from the Army and continues to work for the Dept of Defense on a military installation. She was a teacher for several years, before deciding to give up her career in order to be able to spend more time with her husband when he was home, and to be more available to the children when he was deployed. She then spent time volunteering for a special needs adoption advocacy organization, and later worked from home with an adoption agency to help families adopt children from overseas. Shelley continues to remain active in the adoption and special needs community as both a parent and an advocate. Shelley’s oldest son is her Marine. She knew from the time he was very young that he would end up in the military, so when he called and asked her to sign the paperwork allowing him to enter the DEP, there was really nothing she could say but yes. He celebrated his 18th birthday at Parris Island and is currently serving in the fleet on the east coast.

The MarineParents Facebook groups were a valuable asset to Shelley during the time her son was a recruit and continue to be a place she can connect with other MoMs now that he’s a Marine. She chose to volunteer as a way to give back to the organization that continues to support her family throughout her son’s career and hopes to be able to offer support to families who are new to the military lifestyle.

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