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Christi DeSimone

Group Leader Lima Company (San Diego)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Christi is a Group Leader in Lima Company, San Diego.

Christi is a proud Marine mother to her son. She lives in Colorado with her daughter who will be enlisting with the Marine Corps in October. She volunteers with the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots year round and speaks at Poolee gatherings for Poolees getting ready to leave for bootcamp and their parents. She also helps families in the Northern Colorado area whose sons and daughters have been dropped into MRP/PCP.

Christi joined Marine in September 2016 when her son left for boot camp. He was in 3rd Battalion Kilo Company. This is where she met Shannon P. While in bootcamp, her son suffered an injury that required a 5 ½ month stay in MRP. During his stay in MRP, she found other sites to join and to connect with other parents and support. Once healed and strong again, he was picked up with 3rd Battalion, Lima Company. This is where she met Lisa G. Without these two incredibly strong, and supportive women, and MoMs and all the sites, she would have gone crazy with the 8 months and 1 week……250 days in bootcamp. Christi could not be more proud of her son’s “never give up” attitude and her daughter for wanting to follow in her brother and best friend's footsteps. Christi now wants to help as many people through the process and show the love and support she was given during the transformation of her son. We are all family now and we will get through this TOGETHER!

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