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Christi DeSimone

Group Leader Lima Co (SD), GL Fleet Japan

Marine and

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 545.04! To take this time to introduce Christi., she is a MoM to one Marine and soon will be to two Marines. Her son is her Marine and her daughter is hoping to leave for Parris Island by the end of the year! She did something right or something very wrong!! Christi lives and works in Northern Colorado.

Christi's son left for MCRD on September 19, 2016 for his 13 week journey to become a U.S. Marine. He was in Kilo Company. On November 6, 2016 at 10:06 PM her phone rang. He was being sent to MRP, (medical rehabilitation platoon) due to an injury to his knee. At the time they were told 3 to 6 weeks. Once he got to his new platoon and saw the Dr., they found out his knee was fine but his leg was broken. His time went from 3-6 weeks to 16 weeks. After 5 1/2 months, (22 weeks) in MRP, he joined Lima Company and graduated May 26, 2017. Since Christi had nothing but time on her hands, she researched everything to get more informed. Christi helps her local Recruiters with recruit parents that are sent to medical for sickness or injury. She volunteers with her local Toys for Tots chapter, and once a month or more the MoMs take recruit parents out to eat to help them and let them know they are supported. MarineParents has more than just this specific group to join. They provide support for every stage of your Marine's career and have so many Outreach Programs too. Christi decided once her Marine was back to training, she needed to help as many recruit parents as she could. This is why she became a volunteer. She could not have made it 8 1/2 months without all the support she received! When the volunteers tell you they are here for you.... THEY MEAN IT!! Christi is currently the Group Leader for Lima Co. SD and the Interim Group Leader for Colorado.

With Christi's son's "never give up" attitude, she challenged herself to do something to make him proud. She lost 30 plus pounds and Isigned up for the Marine Corps Marathon last October in Washington DC. If he can do what he did, then she can cross that finish line and I did! This year Christi is doing it again but this time for her daughter!! This photo is from the day her daughter and her flew home from the Marine Corps Marathon and were welcomed by her Marine!! Christi's Marine has been in Japan since November. He loves it there and is doing GREAT! Yes, he went through a bit of “homesickness” but is really enjoying it! He says all of the time, “there are a lot worse places to be stationed”,. OOHRAH!! Please know, the volunteers are here for you and completely, “Get” it! Stay strong Japan Family and remember.... You are one day closer to seeing your Marine!!!

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