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Kristi Suddock

Group Leader Golf Co (SD), Interim Fleet Japan

Marine and

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 221.48! Kristi is a volunteer Group Leader in Golf Company, San Diego and also supports as interim for the MCB Japan Fleet page. She had been in search of volunteer opportunities outside of her full-time position at a Texas technology company, and when her son joined the Marines, she felt this was a great opportunity to give back.

Kristi grew up in a small farm community in Kansas, moved to Texas for college, and ended up staying; both states feel like home to her. She is a single mom of two sons she likes to refer to as Marine1 (her youngest) and Marine2. Although Marine1 had dreamed as a teenager about becoming a Marine, mom was concerned and hesitant. Time passed, her son graduated high school, lived on his own, worked and tried out college. She thought maybe the urge to serve had passed. She'll never forget the moment she received a call from him, "Mom, we need to talk." There was no question, he was becoming a Marine! Then shortly after Marine1’s graduation at MCRD SD, Marine2 began his journey.

Kristi has embraced the Marine Mom title and the rollercoaster that goes with it. It is her hope that she can bring education and comfort to new recruit parents, welcoming them into their new, larger family.

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