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Susan Jennette

Group Guide SOI MCT E, Group Guide MOS group

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Susan is a Group Guide for SOI MCT East and also the Group Guide for the MOS group.

She is the proud mother of a Marine, currently at his PDS and is looking forward to helping support, guide, and educate recruit families and loved ones as they face the roller coaster of Marine boot camp.

Susan is originally from Michigan. She served four years with the Michigan Air National Guard at the 110th Tactical Air Support Group in Battle Creek, Michigan and two years with the 192nd “High Rollers” in Reno, NV. She was an Air Force Basic Military Training Honor Graduate. Susan has been married to her husband Kevin for 26 years and in addition to their Marine, they have a daughter who attends college in Virginia and will be a sophomore this fall. They have moved a lot as a family and are currently in the process of their 11th move, this time to Idaho. When they returned to Michigan the last time, their son, who had been in five different school systems by 5th grade, announced that when he grew up he was never going to move again. That son grew up to be their Marine! Susan spends as much time outside as possible and loves hiking, kayaking and working on the family farm. She has a penchant for murder mystery and espionage novels but mostly loves to be doing anything that involves spending time with her family and their dogs.

Susan was raised to serve others and give back to her community. She and her husband are so proud that their children chose careers that serve others. Through being a Marine Parents volunteer, Susan hopes to serve a community that provided so much support and education during such a transformative and life altering time for her family.

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