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Melissa Schultz

Group Guide Recruit Support Battalions, GL MOS

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Melissa is an extremely proud Marine Mom, who has been volunteering with MarineParents since June 2017. She currently serves as Group Guide for the Recruit Support Training Battalion and Group Leader for Marine Corps MOS.

She is a dedicated wife and mother to four boys, the eldest one being her Marine. Melissa is a Home Educator, substitute teacher for the local Christian School Academy, and Women’s Ministry Leader for her church. In her spare time she enjoys reading, journaling, baking, volunteering in her community, participating in various military outreach programs, and hiking the mountains with her husband and three youngest sons.

Melissa’s Marine graduated from MCRD San Diego in 2017, followed by graduation from SOI/MCT, and then MOS school. While she and her husband both come from a long line of men who have served in various branches of the Armed Forces, their son is the first Marine in the family, and they are all incredibly proud of him.

After learning about MarineParents from her son’s Recruiter during bootcamp, Melissa became an active participant in the MP Facebook groups, gaining a wealth of knowledge and support along the way. Inspired by her Marine’s commitment, dedication, and willingness to serve his country, Melissa joined the MarineParents team to help show her support for all Marines, military personnel, their families, and her country. She is committed to doing all that she can as a MP volunteer and MoM (Mother of a Marine), on the homefront by participating in various outreach programs, letter writing campaigns, and military awareness events, as well as offering words of encouragement, support, and guidance to all who may need it.

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