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Cha Hanna

Group Guide Kilo Company (San Diego)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Cha is a proud parent of a Marine and welcomes the opportunity to serve as Group Guide for the new families of Kilo Company, San Diego She looks forward to supporting and informing the family members who have newly embarked on this great journey.

She is the proud parent of three beautiful, adult children now and is a Career Advisor for medical students by day. Her father served in Vietnam, and having a few friends who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, it was so fitting that her only son would choose this path. Cha is a very active individual, always enjoying being on the go and doing anything in the sun. She grew up in Navajo Nation. Lake Powell was her swimming pool. She loves riding in the desert when it's cool, and surfing when she was younger.

Cha chose to volunteer with MarineParents, not just to support others but rather a way to hold each other's hands during a time of uncertainty. Everyone has the fear and anxiety but it's never as bad when you're not alone. This brings peace and connection to oneself and she hopes to pass this on to others. This group was a tremendous help and as time progresses, Cha hopes so shall she.

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