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a volunteer at Our volunteers work around the United States in a variety of capacities. Please give a shout out of thanks to one of our Official Marine Parents Facebook Group volunteers!

Cindy Darknell

Cindy Darknell

Group Guide Poolee Group

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Cindy is a Group Guide in the Poolee: What to Know Before Bootcamp group.

Cindy feels blessed to be the proud mother of five sons, two married, two finishing high school, one enlisted in the USMC proudly waiting to become a recruit. Cindy works as an ACE aide for her local school district. She is a volunteer at her church with teens to encourage, guide and counsel them in hopes to make their lives more focused on faith and family.Her passions are her faith in God, her children, camping, fishing, horseback riding, enjoying nature and the outdoors.

Cindy was grateful for the information, encouragement and guidance from volunteers on when first becoming a poolee parent. She wants to share that same knowledge encouragement and support with others because of the reassurance and comfort this brought to her.

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