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Shari Nelson

Group Leader Alpha Co., Interim GL Bravo (PI)

Marine and

Shari is a Group Leader in Alpha Company, Parris Island. She is also the Interim GL for Bravo Company.

Shari has been married for 33 years. She has eleven children....six sons and five daughters, ages 32-7! She also has three awesome son-in-laws, a wonderful daughter-in-law and thirteen grandchildren! Shari has been homeschooling her children since 1997. She lives in Pennsylvania, with her husband and children. Shari's dad served in the Navy, and is a Korean War Veteran. Her oldest brother served in the Air Force. Her two other brothers served in the Army. Shari's son-in-law, is currently serving in the Army and he won the 2016 NCO Best Warrior competition, for Army/Europe! Shari also has an uncle and a cousin who are Marines and many other family members who served in the Armed Forces. When Shari's second oldest son, joined the Delayed Entry Program during his senior year, she was thankful to have 7 months, or so, to mentally prepare for him leaving for boot camp. On October 17, 2016, she quickly realized that she had entered into the three hardest months that she had ever experienced. He was a recruit in Fox Co. He graduated from Parris Island on 1/13/17 and is currently at his PDS. Little did Shari know, less than three months after her second oldest son graduated from Parris Island, that her oldest son, would also make a decision of a lifetime! He swore in and shipped out on April 3, 2017. He was in Delta Co. and graduated boot camp on June, 30, 2017! He is currently at his MOS school. Shari was very grateful for Marine Parents web site, the Marine Parents FaceBook group and Marine Parents, Fox Co. and Delta Co. FaceBook groups. They were a huge help in answering the many questions that she had. Shari is so very grateful for all who serve, especially those in her own family, who have stepped up to serve our wonderful country!

Shari chose to volunteer with Marine Parents because she wants to help and encourage others throughout their boot camp journey, and beyond.

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