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Valerie Marquez

Group Guide Echo Company (San Diego)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 372.38! Valerie began volunteering in April 2017 as Platoon Parent for Echo Co, 2nd Battalion and is currently a Group Guide with the same Company.

Christopher (CJ) was on the DEP with an original ship out date of August 2017. When an opening came up to ship out in March, he quickly took it. He said he as anxious to get going. Valerie and her husband of twenty-six years are parents to a daughter and a son. Valerie and her family are life long residents of New Mexico where she's employed at a National Laboratory. She still works at the dance studio where her now twenty-three year old daughter took the class from age three through age nineteen. Valerie was the Team Mom for CJ's YAFL football team for six years and then moved on to high school Football Booster Club President. In addition, she volunteered as a Religious Education teacher at their local parish.

Valerie found Marine when looking for information as a new recruit mom. She found the community to be so very supportive and informative. The updates and information that are shared go a long way to make Basic Training easier on those at home. She hopes to bring her experience as "Football Team Mom" and "Dance Mom" to the next level as a Marine Parent Volunteer.

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