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Carrie Baeza

Group Leader Bravo Company (San Diego)

Marine and

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 253.01! Carrie has volunteered as a Platoon Parent since 2017, in Bravo Company, San Diego, welcoming new members and offering encouragement to family members. She is now their Group Leader. Carrie enjoys volunteering as a way to give back to those who take up the courage to serve.

She comes from a family that has and has had many cousins, uncles, grandparents, and more serve in all branches of the service including Marines, Coast Guard, Army and Air Force.

Carrie’s son surprised them with enlisting into the Marines. As a high school senior he mentioned it in passing. After attending college for one year and deciding that was not for him, he then began talking to a recruiter and left for Boot Camp in March 2017. It was like her son was born to serve, as he was born on an Army Base in Colorado. For his first six years, he watched his father serve in the Army not only in Colorado but in Germany as well.

Carrie has always supported both of her sons in everything they have done. Her youngest has always talked about joining the Marines since he was around 10 years of age. This is the strength of a single parent to watch both of her boys take up the call to serve.

Carrie chose to volunteer for because as a former wife of a serviceman, she truly believes that not only the young men and women who join, serve but their family members serve as well. To be a family member of a Marine, Airman, Soldier, or Sailor, calls us into a special club that only those with family in will understand. She is here to help to serve that special club of parents, family, and friends that have been “recruited” into the Marines.

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