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Linda Rischling

Group Guide Poolee Group (on LOA)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Linda is an extremely proud Marine Mom from Nebraska who has been volunteering since December 2016, serving as first as Platoon Parent for the 1st Recruit Training Battalion, Delta Company, San Diego. She is now a volunteer, Group Guide on the Poolee Page.

Linda teaches elementary Physical Education, where her passion is helping her students (and parents!) learn to love being healthy, active and confident. She is also a Girls on the Run coordinator, serving the Panhandle of Nebraska. Linda's husband, who served in the Army National Guard, is also an educator, teaching Instrumental Music to Middle School and High School students. Together they have four children.

Linda's Marine, the oldest of their children, has dreamed of serving our Country since he was in elementary school. In April 2016, he entered the USMC DEP and is currently chasing his dream while completing MOS training in various locations/bases. His siblings; brother, and sisters, are actively involved in church, football, basketball, baseball, Swing Choir & Musical, volleyball, softball, piano lessons and of course Band. In addition to Linda's husband serving, both of her grandfathers served in WWII (Army Air Force & Army) and her husband's sister also served in the Army National Guard. The next generation includes 2 nephews & a niece in the Army National Guard, a nephew, niece & her husband in the Air Force National Guard, and a nephew & his wife both in the Navy. Linda and her family are incredibly proud of their son/brother becoming the first United States Marine in the family.

Linda's sister found & introduced her to, which she found to be an incredible and reliable source of information. Through the Poolee & Company pages, Linda was able to connect with some amazing moms whom she will forever call family. They were a godsend and an awesome source of support through the Poolee & Recruit phase. After her Marine graduated frpm SOI and headed to his MOS training, she wanted to help others on the same amazing journey by offering support, giving encouragement and helping increase knowledge about this journey in the United States Marine Corps. Linda is incredibly grateful and blessed to be part of this amazing Marine Parents Family.

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