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Mary Elizabeth Vera

Group Leader Charlie Co (SD), GL Fleet Deployment

Marine and

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 311.71! Mary has been a volunteer with Marine Parents since November 2016. She served as a Platoon Parent for the 3rd Battalion Lima Co, San Diego; offering support and encouragement to other families along the way and then as the Group Guide for 1st Battalion Bravo Company, San Diego. She is now the Charlie Company, San Diego Group Leader as well as Group Leader for the Fleet/Deployment group.

Mary lives in California and is an Office assistant 3 at a local school district. Her Marine, who is the second oldest of four sons, has wanted to be in the military since he was a small boy. He was always running around in cammies, playing with army men and had military themed birthday parties. She is extremely proud to watch him follow his dream. His uncle and great-grandfather were both in the Marine Corps as well. Mary also volunteers as a photographer for the high school football and track teams, where her younger sons attend school.

Mary was introduced to the site by her Marine's Recruiter and joined as a poolee parent the same day. Right away she felt supported and found answers to her many questions. When her son became a recruit she entered into the recruit parents page for his company. She said, the support and encouragement given was overwhelming, and right away she knew that she wanted to offer this same support and encouragement to others. When an opportunity was presented to become a volunteer, Mary jumped right on it. She looks forward to helping others find their way through boot camp and making lasting bonds with other Marine parents and families.

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