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Keith Roberts Hanvey

Group Leader India Company (Parris Island)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Keith, "Bulldog" is a proud Marine father from Bainbridge, New York who has been volunteering with Marine Parents since May of 2016 when his now Marine first arrived at Parris Island. He served as Group Guide for the 1st Battalion, Delta Company. then as the Group Leader for Mike Company, 3rd Battalion MCRD Parris Island. He has so graciously offered to be Group Leader for India Company, Parris Island.

In addition to his Marine, Keith has a daughter who recently graduated from nursing school. Keith also serves on the Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District Board of Education and enjoys spending his free time hunting deer and turkeys with his dog, Madison.

According to Keith, volunteering for Marine Parents has been "great", as he enjoys helping others navigate the journey of having a recruit in boot camp. He provides fellow recruit parents with inspirational Bible verses and tries to bring a smile to the faces of all of the other parents in the Mike Company family.

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