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Crista Fair

Crista Fair

Manager State Groups and Content Coord

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Facebook Groups Volunteer, Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer, Trainer,

Crista has been a volunteer with MarineParents since October of 2015, initially serving as a Platoon Parent for 3rd Battalion, Kilo Company, San Diego, then serving as Group Guide for 2nd Battalion, Hotel Company, San Diego for two cycles, moving on to 2nd Battalion, Echo Company, San Diego as Group Leader for three cycles.

She is now proudly serving as the Coach for 1st Battalion Parris Island (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie & Delta Companies), and is the Content Coordinator - a liaison between all Company Boards and the MarineParents Corporate Office, Crista is also the Interim Group Leader for Kilo and Lima Companies, Parris Island. .

Crista is a granddaughter of a Marine, a VERY proud Mother of a Marine, and a proud Marine mother-in-law, as her daughter married a Marine one day after he graduated from Boot Camp. Her son is an 0331 stationed in Hawaii, and her son-in-law is non infantry stationed at 29P.

According to Crista, "there is just something very special about helping other families get through the Recruit period and beyond; to be able to offer support, advice, and information, to help ease the angst we all felt while our recruits are in boot camp." Crista is very thankful to serve for such an amazing and honorable organization – MarineParents.

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