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Marianne Tullis

GL Fox Co (SD), GL Grandparents, 2nd Bn SD Coach

Marine Family Member and Volunteer

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Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 298.95! Marianne has been volunteering with as the Group Leader for Fox Company, San Diego since October, 2015. It has been an incredible experience. Going in with the desire to help and bless others, but the recruits and Marine families bless them even more. She is also the 2nd Battalion, San Diego Coach.

"Home of the free because of the brave" is not an idle statement in Marianne's family! Two of her uncles proudly served in the Army during WWII (one of whom was in the Army Air Corps, the precursor to the Air Force), as did her father (also Army Air Corps), who was captured by the Japanese in the Philippines, survived the Bataan Death March, and was a POW for three years. Also, two Marine Corps cousins, one who served during the Vietnam conflict and the other recently retiring from the Corps. To carry on this proud tradition of serving our country, Marianne's grandson graduated from Marine Corps boot camp June 12, 2015, a day her family and she will never forget. They are so proud of him!

Marianne has been married for 23 years and is the super proud mom of three adult children, the stepmom to two stepchildren, and a grandma to nine grandchildren and one great grandson!

After working for Amoco as an IT Computer Security analyst for 16 years, Marianne is now retired and runs a home-based, scrapbooking business, as well as volunteering as a Master Gardener.

Marianne is also a member of Team Marine Parents. She started race walking two years ago after being inspired by her son and Marine's dad, and has never looked back! It's been an amazing journey. I've entered mostly multi-race challenges with her last half marathon this past November, 2016. In the months ahead her race card will be packed full, but none will compare to the 42nd annual Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC last October, one that she knows will be an unforgettable experience.

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