Meet Pam

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Pam Puttkamer

Group Leader What's After Boot Group & SOI MCT E

Marine and

Total Volunteer Hours 1st & 2nd Quarter of 2018: 188.72! Pam has been a volunteer with MarineParents since 2015 and is currently serving as Group Leader for the What's After Boot group and the SOI MCT East group. As a Group Leader, Pam works with parents and other family members on a daily basis answering questions and giving them reassurance.

Pam and her husband are the fifth generation to operate her family farm in rural Wisconsin. Pam has also worked in the dairy industry for more than 15 years, currently in Supply Chain. Growing up on a dairy farm and having the full understanding of farm to fork is a huge asset for her at work. Along with her Marine son, Pam also has identical twin girls who are nearly five who keep her on her toes.

Pam loves being able to give back and help others on their journeys. After a tough day at work, it is a wonderful feeling to know that she helped someone have a better day. Knowing that we are all on this journey together is comforting.

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