Warriors Need Your Votes!

Update (5/21/15):

For the past couple months, we've been keeping you updated about a group of stylists at United Hairlines in Chicago who were competing for the chance to win $10,000 to donate to our Warrior Support Team (WST) outreach program if they won.

We are proud to announce the women placed in the top 12 of the voting, meaning the WST is guaranteed to receive at least $1,000 and the stylists still have a chance to win the $10,000 prize for the WST.

We'll keep you updated as we find out more, and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and show their support for this wonderful outreach program!

Please copy and paste the text below in your share:
Vote once each day for Michelle E through April 26 for the Warrior Support Team to win a $10,000 donation!

Unite Hairlines

A couple weeks ago, we shared a story about a group of stylists at United Hairlines in Chicago who recently held a fundraiser on our behalf and raised $2,700. Now, the same group has entered a contest to have the chance to win $10,000, which they will donate to our Warrior Support Team outreach program if they win. And we need you, the Marine Parents family, to help make that happen!

How the contest works:

  1. Click here to go to contest page.
  2. Click through the pages of contestants to reach the entry titled "Michelle E. United Hairlines." (image to right)
  3. Click on the "Michelle E. United Hairlines" to cast your vote.
  4. Repeat once each day between March 26 and April 26, 2015*

Voting is quick and convenient and to improve the chances of United Hairlines winning this contest on the Warrior Support Team's behalf, we strongly encourage our supporters to vote early and vote often, as a strong start will help build momentum right out of the gate. A couple minutes a day is all it will take to cast your vote, and this money will be hugely beneficial to the Warrior Support Team. We know that with your support, we can help United Hairlines win this $10,000 in no time!

Unite Hairlines

*Contest winner will be announced in May

Orginal Story

Unite Hairlines

Some amazing stylists in the Chicago-area held a fantastic fundraiser to benefit one of our outreach programs, the Warrior Support Team (WST).

The fundraiser took place at an open house at the salon on Sunday, February 8, with proceeds from salon treatments going to WST.

The stylists also qualified to enter a video of the event in a contest, sponsored by Wella hair care products. This could potentially earn an additional $10,000 for WST, so stay tuned for updates, because the stylists may need your votes.

Click here to

To learn more about WST, visit www.WarriorSupportTeam.com to learn how to support our wounded, ill, and injured troops and veterans.

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