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November 10, 2010
Greetings Marine Families!
If this is the first edition of the Newsletter you have received, WELCOME! If you are a returning reader we are glad you have joined us.
Today marks the 235th birthday of the Marine Corps. Ever since their birth in Tun Tavern in Philadelphia 235 years ago, the Marines have proven to be the world's toughest warriors. Today we celebrate their courage and valor, and we honor all Marines, past and present.
The Marine Corps birthday is the most celebrated day in the history of the Corps; it is a day of pride and honor as the Marines are recognized for their great service to our country.
Be sure to tell any Marine you see today "Happy Birthday" and thank them for their service.
Thank you for continuing to support our Marines! Semper Fi!
A Brief History of the Marine Corps
Established November 10, 1775
Click image to check out all of our Tun Tavern gear!
Tun Tavern Sign
The Marine Corps was created November 10, 1775, in Tun Tavern by a resolution of the Continental Congress.
Most Marines acknowledge Tun Tavern as the birthplace of the Marine Corps because it is where the first recruiting took place.
However, real celebration of the Marine Corps birthday didn't occur until a few centuries later.
In 1921, LtGen. John A. Lejeune, the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps, issued an order that called for a birthday message to be read to Marines throughout the world on November 10th each year in honor of the Marine Corps birthday.
Soon after that, the Marine Corps birthday began growing into a celebration of the spirit of the Marine Corps that it is today.
Celebrate the Marines' 235th birthday...order your Marine Corps birthday shot glass - last chance! Click here to buy.
2010 Marine Corps Birthday Message
From the 35th Commandant of the Corps
Click to watch the Commandant's birthday video!
2010 Birthday Message Video
As printed on the official Marine Corps website:
"A Message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps
Sixty years ago, the United States Marine Corps - as it has throughout our history - demonstrated its vital role as America's Expeditionary Force in Readiness. Just weeks after North Korean Communist forces crossed the 38th Parallel, the First Marine Provisional Brigade landed in South Korea, forming the backbone of the perimeter around the city of Pusan.
The efforts of the "Fire Brigade" at Pusan allowed for the daring amphibious landing at Inchon and set the stage for one of the most savage campaigns in our Corps' history - the Chosin Reservoir."
Click here to keep reading...
Sending a Christmas Gift Overseas?
Check Out This Year's Shipping Deadlines
2010 USPS Shipping Deadlines
If you will be sending a care package to your deployed Marine this holiday season, be sure to check these 2010 mailing and shipping deadlines first. The dates vary depending on how you will be shipping the mail and what ZIP you will be shipping to.
Click here to view the USPS press release with the 2010 holiday mailing deadlines.


Marine Corps Christmas Cards
Now Available from the EGA Store!
Silent Night Christmas Cards Available Now!
Send your family and friends some military-inspired Christmas cheer this holiday season!
These beautiful Christmas cards feature a USMC photo of the Marines singing "Silent Night" in Iraq in 2005.
Inside is "Merry Christmas and Semper Fidelis!" over the EGA. They are available in a package of 6, and discounted prices are available when you buy in quantity.
Former Marine in People Magazine
Attention on Deck: From & About our Marines 
Cpl. Aaron Mankin Featured in People MagazineAaron Mankin, now a retired Marine Cpl., was injured in Iraq when his vehicle rolled over an IED, causing it to explode.
His upper body caught on fire, resulting in severe facial burns and the loss of his thumb and index finger.
50 surgeries later, Aaron is doing pretty well for himself. He is married with a young daughter and has been the inspirational keynote speaker at Marine Parents' last three conferences in D.C., San Diego and New Orleans.
And just the other day he was featured in the November 8th issue of People Magazine as one of their 2010 Heroes of the Year.
In the magazine he says, "The flames reached outside of my body, not the inside. That's a daily victory for me."
Pick up the November 8th copy of People Magazine to check out what else Aaron had to say!
Click here to see the USMCCCA announcement about Aaron.
November 6th Pack Day Success!
1230 Care Packages Sent Overseas

The Care Package Project, and Outreach Program of Marine

This past Saturday, Marine Parents staff and 67 volunteers from across the country spent the morning packing and loading 1230 care packages to be shipped to Marines in Afghanistan.
Though we had fewer volunteers than usual, the day went very smoothly and was a huge success. Thanks to large donations of Twinkies for the Marine Corps birthday and other contributions, hundreds of Marines will receieve birthday-themed care packages in the next few weeks.
The Care Package Project™ has now sent over 28,000 care packages overseas since 2005.
To all of our generous donors and volunteers, thank you for supporting our troops!
Wounded Warriors to Attend Ball
Check Presented to Barracks in San Diego
Presenting the Check to WWBB
A few months ago Marine Parents, in association with our outreach program Purple Heart Hero Support™, begain a fundraiser to help the Wounded Warriors in San Diego attend their birthday ball.
The fundraiser was so successful thanks to many generous donations from individuals and organizations all over the country that we exceeded our original goal! We raised a total of $10,460. Above is a photo of Purple Heart Hero Support™ manager Joyce Orrell presenting the check to Sgt. Michael of the Wounded Warriors Barracks.
Thanks for all your help is supporting our Marines! What a great way to show them how much we appreciate them!
EGA Store Featured Items
Last Call for Cold-Weather Jacket Sale!
LeatherOur EGA Store is offering these jackets at a reduced price only until midnight tonight, so get yours before the cold weather hits!
We have 4 different varieties of jackets on sale. Pictured is our leather jacket with the Marine Corps Seal. 
These jackets are $10-15 off the original prices, and they make great gifts this holiday season
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All Marine Corps Birthday Coins $8 Today Only
2010 Marine Corps Birthday CoinIn celebration of the Marine Corps Birthday, we are offering our entire selection of single birthday coins at $8 each, today only.
These coins are timeless and a great keepsake for any Marine Corps affliate.
Click here to purchase.
DONATE with every swipe of your card!

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God Bless and Semper Fidelis,

Tracy Della Vecchia
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