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October 27, 2011

If this is your first newsletter from Marine Parents, welcome! If you are a returning reader, thank you for your continued support!
In This Newsletter
Read about the most recent Purple Heart Hero Support  dinner for wounded warriors and the special guests that were present. Also, read a short heartwarming story about a Marine mom who shipped "Semper Gumby" to her deployed Marine.

Get Connected
Learn how you can contribute to this year's Wounded Warrior trip to Knott's Berry Farm theme park. The Marines need funding for a bus to get there, and you can help! See article below.
Special Visitors to PHHS Meal

Brigadier General Joseph L. Osterman    


Purple Heart Hero Support Wounded Warrior MealsAt the Purple Heart Hero Support dinner for service members in the Wounded Warrior Barracks West in San Diego on October 20, the warriors enjoyed the company of special guests Brigadier General Joseph L. Osterman, Commanding General of Marine Corps Recruiting Command, and Sergeant Major Logan from Washington, D.C. 


After SgtMaj Logan said his introductory "hellos", he jumped into the serving line next to PHHS volunteer Thelma as the warriors lined up for dinner. His huge smile and heartfelt greeting to each Marine genuinely lifted their spirits. Addressing many of them by their first name was also a nice touch.


Gen. Osterman attended in civilian clothes so the warriors wouldn't have to salute him. Like SgtMaj Logan, he fit right in with the Marines. SgtMaj Logan and Gen. Osterman are caring, concerned and straightforward men who love their Marines. Each of the wounded Marines was touched by their genuine interest in their healing.


Also at the dinner were a number of recruiting officers who were attending a conference at MCRD. Prior to their current posting, many of them were recent returnees from Afghanistan. They easily mixed and bonded with the Marines, and war stories abounded. See photo below of recruiters with PHHS volunteers.

Purple Heart Hero Support™ Volunteers with Marine Recruiters


Click here for the full PHHS dinner report written by volunteer Buck Ramsey.

Wounded Warrior Trip to Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park

Help Fund a Bus to Get Them There  


Wounded Warrior Trip to Knott's Berry Farm

The past two years, our Purple Heart Hero Support™ program was able to take several Wounded Warriors to a theme park called Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.


Purple Heart Hero Support™ is taking the warriors to Knott's Berry Farm again this year on November 15th, and we need your help!


The park gives free admission to Veterans every November, but PHHS would like to raise $2500 to cover the other costs, which include a 55-passenger wheelchair-accessible bus rental and the Marines' dinners, snacks and drinks during the day.


Click here to keep reading and make a donation to their trip!

Honor Our Fallen Veterans

Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial


Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial Veterans Day CeremonyHonor our fallen heroes this year by witnessing the Veterans Day Ceremony at the Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial. The site, located about an hour south of Los Angeles, was dedicated on November 14, 2010, and is open to the public year round. It is the only memorial in the United States whose sole purpose is to recognize each and every one of our service men and women who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their names are permanently engraved in granite so they can be remembered and revered by future generations.


Click here to keep reading and for more information on the Veterans Day Ceremony. 

New DoD Military Health Program

The Physical Disability Board of Review


The Physical Disability Board of ReviewRecently the Department of Defense Military Health System has implemented the Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR) through a legislation of Congress "to ensure the accuracy and fairness of combined disability ratings of 20% or less assigned to service members who were discharged between September 11, 2001 and December 31, 2009." 


Click here to keep reading and to visit the PDBR website.

2011 Military Shipping Deadlines

Shipping a Package to Your Deployed Marine?


2011 Military Shipping Holiday DeadlinesIn anticipation of the busy holiday shipping season, the United States Postal Service has released their 2011 shipping deadlines for those wishing to send packages and cards to APO/FPO addresses in time for the holidays.  


For more information on shipping packages for the holidays, click here.

"Semper Gumby" Headed Overseas

Marine Mom Sends Gumby to Deployed Son 


Marine Mom Sends Son Semper Gumby Doll 

A Marine mom who frequently shops in our online store,, emailed us with photos of her son Ben who is deployed with 1/6 in Afghanistan and the Semper Gumby she purchased from the EGA Store. She decided to send Gumby to her son and his platoon. She says:

"Here is the message that went along with Semper Gumby to join the platoon in Afghanistan:

Semper Gumby has received his orders and is deploying to join the 1/6 in Afghanistan (via Priority Mail)! It was a tearful farewell and his parting words were "I will be back soon with Ben" and 'OH noooooooooooo Mr. Bill, this box is really tight'!!Oohrah!! Ben, this is for you!!"

We love receiving photos from our supporters. Click here to view our "Semper Family" photo gallery where we post photos of families with our EGA Store Gear. Send your photos to
DONATE with every swipe of your card!

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God Bless and Semper Fidelis, 

Tracy Della Vecchia
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