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July 13, 2011
Greetings Marine Families!


If this is the first edition of the Newsletter you have received, WELCOME! If you are a returning reader we are glad you have joined us.
In This Newsletter  
Read a fun story about a deployed Marine who is all over the news because he asked television and movie star Mila Kunis to attend the upcoming Marine Corps Ball with him. Find out whether she accepted his invitation below.
Also, read about how Purple Heart Hero Support™ West Coast Manger Joyce was invited to attend the recent Change of Command ceremony in San Diego for close friend Sgt Mjr Barrett.
Get Connected 
In case you missed the announcement, registration to volunteer at our Care Package Project™ pack day is now open! The packing will take place in Columbia, Missouri, on July 23rd, and we will be grilling lunch for our volunteers afterwards. Come out and join us! Click here to register.   
As always, thank you for continuing to support Marine Parents and our troops! 
The Fight for the Top 15 Continues...

Keep Voting For Wounded Warriors to Win 


Vote Purple for Wounded Warriors!Thank you all for voting to keep us in the top 15, where we must be at the end of July to win a grant for our wounded warriors. Your continued voting will ensure that we stay in the top 15, so please VOTE EVERY DAY until July 31st!


What you can do:


1. Vote:


- Visit


- Text "107451" to the number 73774.


2. Collect Power Votes!

Find Power Votes underneath yellow Pepsi caps and inside 12 and 24 packs. They'll allow you to cast several votes at once! If you don't want to register to vote on Pepsi's website, you can still help us by collecting and sending us your power votes so we can use them. Send them to:, Inc.

Attn: Power Votes

PO Box 1115

Columbia, MO 65205 


3. Spread the Word!

Tell everyone you know to Vote Purple! Send them to where they'll learn how to vote. We have Vote Purple kits that include everything you need to help us promote the contest: Vote Purple flyers, coasters, buttons, business cards and wristbands. We ask that you help us defer the costs by paying $3 shipping. Click here to view the Vote Purple promotional items.

Additional Stars on Campaign Medals

DoD Authorizes New Campaign Phases 


DoD AnnouncementOn June 30th the Department of Defense (DoD) announced that service members who have qualified for the Iraq Campaign Medal (ICM) and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal (ACM) may now display additional stars representing recently established campaign phases in Iraq and Afghanistan.   


Click here to read the DoD release. 

PHHS Manager Gets Invitation to COC

Joyce Orrell Attends Change of Command in DC


Change of Command- Sgt Mjr Barrett


On June 24th, Purple Heart Hero Support™ West Coast Manager Joyce Orrell attended the Wounded Warrior Battalion-West Change of Command ceremony in Washington, D.C. with her husband Curtis, a Marine veteran.


The ceremony was for Sergeant Major Micheal Barrett, who Joyce has worked closely with in the past. It was exciting both for her and for us that she was invited to such a prestigious ceremony - it shows how much her work with the Wounded Warriors is appreciated and recognized. She says it was an event she and her husband wouldn't have missed. In an email she wrote:


"It was a whirlwind trip to D.C., it was amazing. Curtis said that who knew as he was slogging through chest-high mud in the jungles of Vietnam that one day he would be shaking the Commandant's hand and attending the Sgt. Mjrs COC. Both Sgt Mjr and the General have promised to attend [a PHHS dinner] when they come out if they are there on a Thursday."


We look forward to having the General and Sergeant Major at one of our wounded warrior dinners at Balboa, and we thank Joyce for everything she does for our warriors.

Tell All Your Friends.....

We're Short on Shipping Funds


In 10 days, we will ship 1200 care packages overseas to Marines serving our country in combat zones. This will cost us $12,500. Our Dollar Campaign is coming to an end, and we are about halfway to our goal of raising these funds. We thank those who have contributed to this campaign. The care packages will be shipped regardless of whether we reach our goal, but anything you can do to push us furthur along is greatly appreciated, included forwarding this information to your friends and family. Let them know they can mail a dollar bill to:, Inc.

Attn: Dollar Campaign

PO Box 1115

Columbia, MO 65205


Or they can donate online here


Our brave men and women serving overseas appreciate the packages because they are a reminder of home. They keep our troops motivated and their morale high. Thank you for your support.


 Donate Your Dollar!

PTSD Chat with Dr. Cantrell July 14

Log on at 8 p.m. CST


Learn More About Dr. Cantrell's PTSD ChatsBridget Cantrell, Ph.D., will be participating in Marine Parents' monthly online discussion on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Thursday night, July 14th, at 8 p.m. CST in the Marine Parents chat room.

Military members and their families who are interested in knowing more about issues related to PTSD and combat recovery are encouraged to participate in the chat.

Click here to learn more!

Celebrity to Attend Ball with Marine

Family & Friends Spotlight


Sgt. Scott MooreIt's all over the news - Marine Sergeant Scott Moore, who is  currently stationed with 2/9 in Afghanistan, recently released a YouTube video asking actress Mila Kunis (That 70s Show, The Black Swan, Friends with Benefits) to attend the 236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball with him in November. It came about after one of Moore's buddies bet that he wouldn't release the video. So, being the Marine that he is, Moore proved him wrong.


Moore recorded and posted the invitation on YouTube, and.... Mila said YES. Thanks to friends and family who promoted the video and to Justin Timberlake (Mila's co-star in Friends with Benefits) who convinced her that she should take him up on the offer, Moore will be attending the  3/2's birthday ball with his dream date on his arm.


Click here to read the Fox News article.

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