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May 25, 2011
Greetings Marine Families!


If this is the first edition of the Newsletter you have received, WELCOME! If you are a returning reader we are glad you have joined us.
We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest Place to Connect & Share®, Marine Family Network! MFN is an online networking community for Marine and recruit parents, as well as family and friends. Learn more about MFN in the articles below, and get signed up today!  
In this newsletter you will also find an opportunity to help the family of a Marine recruiter who lost everything in the recent Joplin, Missouri, tornado, as well as updated information on Marine Week 2011.
As always, thank you for continuing to support Marine Parents and our troops! 
Marine Family Network (MFN)
Join Your Marine Family on MFN Today!


Join your Marine family on MFN today!As you may already know, we recently launched our new family networking community, Marine Family Network (MFN). MFN is replacing the message boards of Marine Parents, Recruit Parents and What's After Boot. The message boards will no longer be available starting June 1st.


What is Marine Family Network?

MFN is our new online community for family and friends of Marines that allows greater opportunity to share with one another. On MFN you can post and share photos, videos, status updates and more on your personal profile. You can leave comments on other users' profiles.


You can also join groups dedicated specifically to the stage your Marine is in his or her career, as well as groups for your Marine's unit. Connect with Marine families who have a Marine is in the same unit and who are experiencing the same feelings you are. Post discussion topics, ask questions and share photos and videos all within the groups you choose to belong to. 


Why is MFN replacing the old message boards?

MFN keeps all Marine families in the same interface for the duration of their Marine's career in the Corps. The online community is just that - a community that you can belong to from the time your child walks into the recruiting station until the day he or she has come home and is readjusted to civilian life.


Is MFN safe and secure?

On MFN, our privacy and Operational Security (OPSEC) Guidlines are adhered to and enforced by trained volunteers. You are encouraged to read through the guidelines after you sign up so that you are aware of MFN's privacy policies. These policies are in place to keep you, your Marine and others safe.


MFN is YOUR Place to Connect & Share. Click here to join.


Marine Week Schedule of Events

St. Louis, Missouri   ~   June 20-26 


Marine Week 2011

The Marine Week 2011 schedule of events is now posted!


Click here to learn more about all of the Marine Corps sights and sounds you will experience in the heart of downtown St. Louis.


We are still working towards coordinating Marine family gatherings around Marine Week events. Click here to view the tentative plans and stay tuned for a finalized itinerary.

Operation Joplin Recruiters

Help Two Marines Affected by Tornado


You likely have heard or seen news about the devastating tornado that recently ripped through Joplin, Missouri, a small town located four hours from Marine Parents headquarters in Columbia, Missouri.  


We received notice yesterday that two recruiters from Joplin were hit hard by the storm. One suffered only slight damage to his home, and the other, who has a wife and three children, was left with nothing but a kitchen table.


We are holding a fundraiser from now until the end of May to collect $5,000 to purchase household goods these Marine families need. Help us provide disaster relief funds to these families by donating to Operation Joplin Recruiters today. For those in central Missouri, we are also holding an item collection drive today only.


Click here to learn more and to donate.

Get Ready for the Pepsi Challenge

Save Yellow Caps for Wounded Warriors


 Save Your Yellow Caps for Wounded Warriors!


At the beginning of June, Marine Parents will apply to participate in the Pepsi Refresh Project contest to win $25,000 for Purple Heart Hero Support™ (PHHS) and wounded warriors. In case you are new to Marine Parents, our outreach program Purple Heart Hero Support™ provides emotional support for and serves meals to wounded Marines and families each month.
If we win the $25,000 grant, the funds will go towards helping our wounded adjust to life-altering injuries, whether by adding a wheelchair ramp to their home or purchasing them a much-needed refrigerator.
How can you help us win the grant? Vote for PHHS starting in July; we'll give you details as the date approaches. Supporters can only vote for us once a day, but finding "Power Votes" under yellow Pepsi caps allows you to cast more than one vote per day - sometimes up to 100.
These yellow caps can be found on Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max products. Please save these caps until you begin voting in July to help us gain the most votes possble. The wounded warriors need our support!
Stay tuned for more information on helping us win $25,000 for wounded warriors!
Thank You, Charlie Company!
$700 Donation to Purple Heart Hero Support™


Thank You For Supporting Our Wounded Warriors!In early May, a group of parents coordinated a Meet and Greet in San Diego, CA for Charlie Company family and friends. 210 attended, and six Senior Drill Instructors were also present.
The group organized a Marine Corps Jeopardy game to raise money for a cause, and they raised a total of $700. Platoon 1055 won the game, and its SDI got to choose which cause the money would go to. In the end, he let his Platoon vote, and they chose Purple Heart Hero Support™!
We'd like to thank the parents and family of Charlie Company for organizing this event as well as Platoon 1055 for choosing us as the donation recipient!
Our wounded warriors thank you as well!  
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God Bless and Semper Fidelis,


Tracy Della Vecchia
Founder and Executive Director, Inc.


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