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January 17, 2011
Greetings Marine Families!
If this is the first edition of the Newsletter you have received, WELCOME! If you are a returning reader we are glad you have joined us.
On January 13th, Marine Parents and The Care Package Project™ sucessfully packed 800 EXTREME care packages in conjunction with a special troop-support episode of ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition!
Click here for an initial slideshow of photos from the event!
THANK YOU to all the volunteers who were there helping everything run smoothly! Also, thank you to those who have donated to this cause. We still need your continued support of our CPP 2.0 campaign....see below to learn how you can contribute!
In this newsletter, read about how the unity and dedication of the Marine Corps family brought a Marine company's best canine friend back to the states.
Also, don't forget to purchase tickets for the Marine Parents Outreach Dinner if you're in the Missouri area on January 22nd!
Thank you for all the ways in which you contribute to Marine Parents and its outreach programs. You are a crucial component of our success!
"Things We Do For Our Marines"
Rescuing Kujo the Dog 

Kujo keeping his buddy companyIn September 2010, Julie, a mom on the Marine Parents message boards, posted an interesting request to other message board members: to help her rescue her son's company's dog.

Her son's squad was anticipating the end of their deployment, and they were worried about the fate of the huge Afghan wolfhound that had become the squad's protector.

The Marine mom decided to try to bring home the dog that brought her son and his company so much joy. 

She quickly learned that it was going to be a difficult and expensive task. However, over the course of two months and 124 posts on the "Kujo" message board thread on, the mom gathered enough support and raised $3,300 to have Kujo brought back to the states and adopted by a family in Texas. 

Kujo with his Marine friendsKujo now lives with his new family and loves it. He runs and plays on the family's 56 acres in Central Texas, and he also brings smiles to the faces of children he visits at local elementary schools.

Julie says she is trying to arrange a visit between Kujo and her son when he comes home for leave.

This story is just another example of what the support of your Marine Corps family can do!

Click here to visit our page about Kujo and view the blog Julie created about his rescue!  
Winter '11 Care Package Campaign
Have You Contributed to CPP 2.0? 
Click to Donate!With one pack day down and one to go, we still need your help to help make this the most successful month our Care Package Project™ has seen.
We packed 800 care packages for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition on January 13th, and we will pack about 600 more in Columbia, Missouri, on January 22nd.
Our goal is to raise $20,000 to fund the content and shipping costs for all of these packages, and we are about $4,000 of the way there. Any donation you can make to this incredible campaign is greatly appreciated by our troops!
Click here to learn more about the EXTREME care packages we assembled in South Carolina.
Click here to make a donation to CPP 2.0.
If you would like to volunteer at our care package pack day in Columbia on January 22nd click here.
If you would like to attend the Marine Parents Outreach Dinner the evening of January 22nd click here.  
The Marines Who Took Baghdad
Attention on Deck: From & About Our Marines
Photo courtesy of The New Yorker
Toppling of Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad
If you saw the toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, Iraq, on television in 2003, you know that it symbolized the taking of Baghdad and the hope America felt about the outcome of the war. The following essay that recently appeared in The New Yorker highlights the role Lieutenant Colonel Bryan McCoy, commander of the 3/4 Marines, had in the event and clarifies the truth about the toppling of the statue.  
On April 9, 2003, Lieutenant Colonel Bryan McCoy, commander of the 3rd Battalion 4th Marines, awoke at a military base captured from the Iraqis a few miles from the center of Baghdad, which was still held by the enemy. it had been twenty days since the invasion of Iraq began, and McCoy had some personal chores to take care of--washing his socks, for one. Afterward he walked over to a group of Marines under his command who were defacing a mural of Saddam Hussein.
Click here to keep reading...
Military Spouse Scholarships
Making Career Advancement Easier
It can sometimes be difficult for military spouses to pursue the training or education necessary for career advancement, but the National Military Family Association provides scholarships that help ease the financial limitations that are often present.
The scholarships are available to spouses of all uniformed service members after completion of survey and essay questions and the presentation of a valid military ID.

Click here for more information.

Family Wearing Red Friday Shirts
Marine Parents EGA Store Supporter Spotlight
We love seeing Marine friends and family supporting the Marines by wearing an item they purchased from the Marine Parents EGA Store. Here is a photo and note we recently received from a supporter:  
I have twin sons serving our country in the Marine Corps.  LCPL Simon [last name omitted] here pictured with his Grandparents and their Red Friday shirts, is stationed in Okinawa.  His brother LCPL Jonathon [last name omitted] is serving in Afghanistan.  Many of
us wear the Red Friday shirts as a reminder to all that we are still fighting a war, and our sons and daughters are still protecting our country.
Joan Allen
Thanks for your support Joan and family! To learn more about submitting your own photo and to view our photo gallery click here.
100% of proceeds from EGA Store sales are used to support the outreach programs of Marine Parents. Click here to shop our Marine Corps gear!
EGA Store Featured Items
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