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August 11, 2010
Greetings Marine Families!
If this is the first edition of the Newsletter you have received, WELCOME! If you are a returning reader we are glad you have joined us.
This week's newsletter includes several articles on Gold Star families. This is the reality of who we are as parents, family members and friends of Marines who have sworn an oath to serve their country, even at the cost of their own lives.  For this we admire our Marines and their selfless commitment to honor and defend; to serve each of us.
Take a moment today to reach out to the families whose Marine has paid the ultimate sacrifice, whether that be to contact someone you know personally or to make a commitment to honor Gold Star Mothers and families through the Gold Star Mothers Day Luminary Initiative this September 26. 
PHHS Trip to Knott's Berry Farm
Our Wounded Warriors Need Your Help!

Knott's Berry FarmThe Purple Heart Hero Support™ (PHHS) program was able to take several Wounded Warriors to a theme park called Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California last year.

The Marines are still talking about what a great day they had and have been asking if PHHS is going to do it again.  Yes, they are!This year PHHS wants to take a busload of them, but they need your support in helping raise the funds to do so. 

Knott's Berry Farm is a large theme park approximately two hours from Balboa Hospital.Every November since 1991 the park has given free admission to all Veterans.

Though the Marines' admission is covered, PHHS would like to raise $2500 to cover other costs.These costs include a 55-passenger wheelchair-accessible bus rental and the Marines' dinners, snacks and drinks during the day. 

A Career Marine
25 Years and Counting
Marines HeadlinesThe best conversations tend to happen off camera and some of the best stories often go untold because the people involved do not want anything to do with cameras or reporters.
Gunnery Sergeant Jimmy S has spent the last four months getting to know a very interesting career Marine. He is a man who hates cameras and reporters, which forced the telling of this story to be rather unorthodox.
Women Roadtrip to Support Gold Star Mothers Fundraiser
Family and Friends Spotlight 
Women Roadtrip to Support Gold Star Mothers FundraiserA group of women traveled cross-state to participate in a Trivia Night the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. sponsored to benefit the St. Louis Fisher House at the Jefferson Barracks VA Medical Center. The Fisher House provides convenient lodging for families of Veterans at no charge. 
Laura Fly, one of our board members, and seven other women drove from Kansas City to St. Louis to play nine rounds of trivia on Saturday, August 7th in support of American Gold Star Mothers. Trivia groups were encouraged to sport a theme, and this group of women donned pink boas and elaborate pink hats in memory of their good friend who had passed away.
They decorated their table with a photo of her as well as a framed tribute to service member Sgt. Isaac Jackson, who recently made the ultimate sacrifice in Operation Enduring Freedom.
Honor Gold Star Mothers
Purchase or make your Gold Star Luminary! 
Honor Gold Star Mothers

As a reminder, Gold Star Mother's Day, which is on Sunday, September 26th this year, is a day to honor the mothers and families of our Fallen Heroes.

Show your support by lighting a Gold Star Luminary on this day. Don't forget: You can buy the luminaries at our EGA Store or you can make your own using the simple instructions located under "Pamphlets and Flyers" on our Gold Star Mother's Day page.

Please visit for more information on this important day!
Beware of Internet Scams
Disregard these emails!
scam alertIt has been brought to our attention that there are emails circulating from supposed military personnel asking recipients to hold funds for them. Below is an example:
I write you after proper consideration that a telephone conversation may not be the ideal medium to reach you. I got your contact through my search on the internet for a reliable person. I'm an American Soldier serving in National Guard Artillery unit here in Iraq. We discovered some funds when on routine foot patrol at Fallujah Iraq at company's compound; we can't keep these funds so we want to move the funds to you to keep it for us in your safe account. The money is legit. if you're interested get back to me for details. I've got everything under control, and I can assure you that this business is risk free.
Capt. Greg
Please note that this email and others like it are not from actual service members and should be disregarded.
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Sword Letter OpenerThis miniature replica of a full-size sword comes with a black laquered wooden stand (not with the oak stand pictured). The stainless steel blade is laser-etched with a miniature version of the United States Marine Corps pattern and has a sharp tip designed to open letters.
Originally $52.95, this beautiful replica is now on sale for only $36.95. Order yours while supplies last!
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THANK YOU for supporting our outreach programs with each purchase you make!
UPDATE on Recent Tobacco Issue  
How the PACT Act Affects Military Families 
Sending Tobacco Overseas?

We have finally made some progress with legislators on this issue! Congressman Duncan Hunter (R, California) has proposed legislation, HR 6037, that would allow tobacco products to be mailed to members of the armed forces in a combat zone. The bill would also waive restrictions on the size and number of packages that can be sent to troops in designated combat zones.

We will be supporting Congressman Hunter's legislation and encouraging other military families to do so. You can make a big difference simply by writing to your Congressperson asking him or her to support the proposed legislation.

This issue has already been gaining significant media attention; an article about it came out on the AP wire Tuesday morning. Click here to read the article. We also encourage you to pay attention to your town's news and radio stations for local coverage of this story.
Run For Remembrance
Saturday Morning ~ 11 September 2010

Run For RemembranceShow your support for Gold Star Families this September 11th by participating in the Remembering the Brave Run for Remembrance in Aurora, Colorado.


The run will take place the morning of the Remembering the Brave Ceremony, and the money raised will go to the Remembering the Brave Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring and supporting fallen service members and their families.


There are three races you can choose from: a 10K run, a 5K Ruck March (which is actually a brisk walk!), and a 1 mile kids run. Following the races will be an award ceremony featuring a special guest speaker. Come join the fun and support a great cause!


DONATE with every swipe of your card!

We hope this week's edition of our email newsletter has been useful for you and your family. If there are topics you would like us to address, or if you have other suggestions for the newsletter, please contact us.

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God Bless and Semper Fidelis,

Tracy Della Vecchia
Founder and Executive Director, Inc.
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