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August 23, 2006
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Dear Marine Corps Family,

If this is the first edition of the Newsletter you have received, WELCOME! If you are a returning reader we are glad you have joined us. We thank you for your support and hope that we can support you.

With back to school in full swing across the US we likely have families getting school supplies together and getting college students set up in their dormitories. This is a great time to get together with classmates and teachers to organize ways the students can write to our Marines in the Care Package Project™ and Operation PAL™. See the section below under Outlook Services for ways you can help.

For our families with Marines returning home from combat zones in the next couple of weeks and months, remember to take a look at the Unit Information Pages for USMC contact information and possible homecoming updates. See the articles below for more information. You'll also find links to the homecoming shirts and a money saving coupon at the bottom of this newsletter.

America Supports You Freedom Walk
Nationwide, Sept 10 & 11
Freedom Walk American Supports You 9/11/2006

On the five year anniversary of the tragic events at the Pentagon, the twin towers in New York City, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the America Supports You Freedom Walk begins a new national tradition to reflect on the lives lost on September 11, renew our commitment to freedom and the values of our country and honor our veterans, past and present. Freedom Walks are being held in cities large and small across the country., Inc. a proud member of the America Supports You team.

MCRD Teaching Self Defense
Training Drill Instructors at San Diego
MCRD SD DI Marial Arts Self Defense USMC Photo

MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO (Aug. 18, 2006) -- Since August 2005, almost every drill instructor who has graduated from Drill Instructor School here has attended the Instructorsí Course at the depotís Marine Corps Martial Arts Program facility.

The course is designed to give drill instructors more knowledge and experience with the materials taught in MCMAP before they teach it to the recruits.

Ways YOU Can Support Our Marines
Outreach Services from, Inc.
Care Package Project Brochure from, Inc.

If you're looking for a way to Support Our Troops,, Inc. has an umbrella of projects and support opportunities called "Outreach Services". This umbrella covers services offered by as well as services offered by other organizations. Use these resources for yourself or to encourage community support for our troops.

You'll find our own projects (The Care Package Project™ and Operation PAL™) as well as events schedules, activities and support our troops rallies around the US that you can participate in. Additionally, you'll find newly adopted projects and support opportunities such as the Bootcamp Challenge and Defense Funds for the Camp Pendleton 8 Marines.

Recommended Reading
A Greater Freedom

by Oliver North and Sara Horn
As an embedded Fox News correspondent during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Oliver North witnessed first hand the courage and spirit of the men and women of Americaís armed forces. North crafts an intensely personal foreword in A Greater Freedom: Stories of Faith from Operation Iraqi Freedom, a moving tribute to those who put their lives on the line for one another, as well as the Iraqi people.

Told by Sara Horn, whose reporting took her aboard the USS Harry S. Truman during the height of the conflict, the stories offer a rare glimpse into the spiritual side of the battlefield.

Preparing For Homecoming
Tools and Resources to Help YOU

We have several battalions preparing for retrograde, or homecoming, from combat zones. This section of the web site offers several tools for you to help prepare for your Marine's homecoming. Many family members have worries and concerns about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and COSR (Combat Operations Stress Reaction). This section of the web site offers information and resources to help understand these issues as well as a workbook to use in preparation for the emotions of homecoming.

Information on YOUR Marine's Unit Unit Information Page

Do you need help locating information on your Marine's specific unit? If you have a Marine recently deployed or a Marine ready to come home, your questions can be answered from the Unit Information Page (UIP) offered to you exclusively from, Inc. Our volunteer staff has compiled a database of Marine Corps units with an easy-to-use search feature which can help you find the answers to the questions you may have about homecoming, as well as help you stay in contact with other family members from the same unit during deployment.

The UIP is a 1-2 page all-inclusive resource of information for your Marine's specific unit. The page includes unit history and location, USMC contact information and web sites for each unit well as message board links and chat room schedule for that unit, giving you "a Place to Connect & Share™" with other families in your Marine's unit. This is a free service offered only by, Inc.

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We offer Marine Corps and Bootcamp gear through our online store. The t-shirts, mugs, journals and other products are customized with your Recruit's bootcamp graduation date and platoon OR your Marine's battalion or unit. Battalion-specific gear includes the popular "Sleep Well America...The Marines Have Your Back" as well as "Welcome Home Marines" homecoming t-shirts.

All proceeds from sale of items go to support the web site and projects., Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

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We hope this week's edition of our email newsletter has been useful for you and your family. If there are topics you would like us to address, or if you have other suggestions for the newsletter, please contact us.

Top photo from Marine Corps Photo Archive: Company C recruits stretch out their abdominal muscles before a martial arts session. Photo from MCRD San Diego by: Lance Cpl. James Green on 08/18/2006., Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity., Inc. was founded in January, 2003 in response to parents' needs to find information and to Connect & Share™ with one another during deployments. Our free online services and connections have expanded to support and educate Marine moms & dads, spouses, families and friends and we're now offering the Annual National Conference. We've helped over 30,000 Marine and recruit families during bootcamp, training, active duty and deployments. We've shipped thousands of care packages overseas to our Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. You've found a Place to Connect & Share™.

God Bless and Semper Fidelis,

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