Volunteers for Region 3 South West

Volunteers of MarineParents.com work around the United States in a variety of capacities.

Number of Positions: 15

Manager : Nicole Edmundson
Coach : Tammy Jaggers
Assistant Coach : Nicole Edmundson
Assistant Group Leader(s) Region 3 South West: Michelle Dulansky
Group Guide(s) Region 3 South West: Latisha Odell
VIT(s) : Lauren Brandkamp
Community Relations Coordinator(s) : Ellen Griffin
Community Relations Assistant Coordinator(s) : Adriane Nelson
Community Relations Presenter(s) Arizona: Michelle Dulansky
Community Relations Presenter(s) Texas: Michelle Tate, Ammie Hennigan, Valerie Campbell, Sherri Trinler, Cherissa Wells
Community Relations VIT(s) Texas: Rachel Lino

Nicole Edmundson


Assistant Coach
Group Leader Marine Parents
Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach Recruit Parents Spanish
Assistant Coach Marine Parents Spanish
Volunteering since 2017-04-27
Total Service Hours: 3988.9
Total Service Hours in 2021: 533.95

Nicole started volunteering with MarineParents in April 2017. In addition to volunteering on the Echo Co page, Nicole can be found volunteering on multiple state pages and on the Quantico Fleet ...Read More


Tammy Jaggers


Coach PI 1st RTBN
Volunteering since 2017-07-25
Total Service Hours: 1630.98
Total Service Hours in 2021: 90.89

...Read More


Michelle Dulansky

Region 3 Assistant Group Leader Region 3 South West

Assistant Group Leader SD Hotel
Community Relations Presenter Arizona
Group Leader SD Echo
Assistant Group Leader
Volunteering since 2019-06-04
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 288.05

Michelle is a mom to three kids. Her oldest is her daughter. A nursing student and a mom to a beautiful daughter, Michelle's first grandbaby Stella was born while her son was in Bootcamp at MCRD...Read More


Latisha Odell

Region 3 Group Guide Region 3 South West

Group Guide MRP
Group Guide SOI MCT E
Volunteering since 2020-09-08
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 113.34

Latisha works as a Special Education Teacher. This is her 23rd year. She and her husband's only son will officially graduate as a Marine and begin further training. They are very proud of their so...Read More


Lauren Brandkamp


Volunteering since
Total Service Hours: 0
Total Service Hours in 2021: 0

Lauren is the daughter of Founder Tracy Della Vecchia and has been a part of MarineParents.com for 15 years. For the past four years she has worked every aspect of the EGAShop.com. In the last...Read More


Ellen Griffin

 Community Relations Coordinator 

Community Relations Presenter New Hampshire
Volunteering since 2016-03-31
Total Service Hours: 3222.79
Total Service Hours in 2021: 17.84

...Read More


Adriane Nelson

Region 3 Community Relations Assistant Coordinator 

Group Leader Region 6 South East
Group Leader Marine Parents
Volunteering since 2017-07-13
Total Service Hours: 3312.32
Total Service Hours in 2021: 573.84

Adriane is an Assistant Group Leader for Mike Company, San Diego, a Group Leader in Japan Fleet Group, Louisiana and Michigan State Groups. ...Read More


Michelle Tate

Region 3 Community Relations Presenter Texas

Group Guide SD Bravo
Group Leader SOI MCT E
Group Leader Poolee
Group Guide MOS
Group Guide SD Delta
Volunteering since 2020-08-07
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 303.54

Michelle is a single parent from Texas who lives with her middle school daughter. Michelle's son is her Marine, although since his graduation in 2020 she feels blessed to have gained many more son...Read More


Ammie Hennigan

Region 3 Community Relations Presenter Texas

Assistant Group Leader SOI ITB W
Group Leader SD Charlie
Group Guide MOS
Group Leader SD Golf
Volunteering since 2019-10-11
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 630.94

Ammie is married to her husband Rick and is a mom to daughter Cristina, and her 2 boys, Christopher and Thomas. She also has 2 grandsons Tanner and Jace. Her youngest son joined the USMC in 2019. ...Read More


Valerie Campbell

Region 3 Community Relations Presenter Texas

Group Leader SOI ITB W
Volunteering since 2017-01-12
Total Service Hours: 3548.47
Total Service Hours in 2021: 52.57

Valerie is an extremely proud, Marine Mom who served as the Platoon Parent for 2nd Battalion, Hotel Company, San Diego, where her son trained in becoming a Marine. She is currently a Group Leader ...Read More


Sherri Trinler

Region 3 Community Relations Presenter Texas

Group Leader Reserves
Group Guide SD Lima
Group Leader
Assistant Group Leader
Group Guide Marine Parents
Volunteering since 2019-08-02
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 428.88

Sherri spends her time between homes in North Texas and Kentucky with her husband David and feline family members named Snooki and Oliver. She is originally from Kentucky where she developed her l...Read More


Cherissa Wells

Region 3 Community Relations Presenter Texas

Volunteering since 2017-10-12
Total Service Hours: 2871.44
Total Service Hours in 2021: 404.39

Cherissa was born and raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and now lives in Paris, TX. She has been remarried for a little over 4 years and is a proud Momma to a blended family of eight kiddos ra...Read More


Rachel Lino

Region 3 Community Relations VIT Texas

Group Leader SD Kilo
Volunteering since 2018-02-27
Total Service Hours: 1252.09
Total Service Hours in 2021: 64.23

Rachel is a Volunteer in Training for Kilo Company, MCRD San Diego, where she works to support the new recruits families and loved ones as their recruit begins his journey towards becoming...Read More

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