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Tammy Gentzel

Platoon Parent MRP group

Marine ParentSpouse and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Tammy has been a volunteer for MarineParents since December 2017 and currently serves as a Platoon Parent for the Recruit Support Battalions, STC, MRP and PCP group.

Her husband finished Active Duty as a Marine, two years before their recruit was born. Their recruit enlisted after spending several years working in membership development and after-school tutoring for a YMCA. One of the reasons he enlisted was to be physically and mentally challenged in a manner that pushed him past his limits. Landing in STC for an extended time period certainly helped him to accomplish that goal!

On T21, her recruit's Drill Instructor called to let the family know he was being recycled to MRP for an apparent shoulder injury. Because the family was traveling and mail had not been forwarded, it was three weeks before they received details of his injury. During those three long weeks with no information, she was frantic with worry. It wasn’t until Tammy started researching the potential impact of the injury that she discovered MarineParents and the support it offers.

MarineParents provided her with invaluable support and insight into the STC process — as well as much needed peace of mind. As a result, she applied to serve as a volunteer and provide similar support to family members who find their loved serving in STC.

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