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Sharon Webb

Group Guide Kilo Company (PI) in training ph4

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Sharon volunteers with MarineParents as a Group Guide for Kilo, Third Recruit Training Battalion, Parris Island.

Sharon and her husband are empty-nesters. Sharon is a licensed professional counselor, and works as a Program Coordinator and Counselor Educator in a local university’s Clinical Mental Health Program. She is married with four children, and her only son is her Marine. Sharon’s dad is a Marine Veteran, her husband is an Army Veteran, and her stepfather is a Navy Veteran.

Sharon’s family mantra is “What I do for self will die with me, but what I do for others will live on”. She enjoys volunteerism opportunities, also serving as a National Disaster Mental Health Supervisor with American Red Cross. She shared that she appreciated the supportive information so much as a recruit parent during the time her son was in boot camp, that she wanted to pay it forward by helping other families. She wholeheartedly supports her son’s decision to join the Marine Corps, and is overwhelmingly proud of his desire to protect those he loves and serve his country.

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