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Liz Mendoza

VITPP India Co (SD) in training ph1

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Liz Liz Mendoza Is training to be a platoon parent for India Company, San Diego CA Liz has been a volunteer for youth programs. Her children have been a part of cheerleading, Wrestling, Football and Softball. These activities have kept her busy. She loves to help and being active and loves to make new friends.

Liz has been a Brea, CA resident most of her life. She has raised her 4 children in The small but beautiful town of Brea. Her eldest daughter is a Junior in College at the university of Chapman. Her only son Alex is a new U.S Marine and she has two teenage daughters that play softball. Her children have made her beyond PROUD of all their accomplishments and she has enjoyed being a part of all of it! Her son Alex words cannot describe how incredibly PROUD our New MARINE has made us!!

Liz wanted to be a volunteer for MarineParents because she loves to help. This has also given her the chance to feel more connected and helpful to others. She was very appreciative towards those that helped her out when her Marine was going into Bootcamp. Now she would like to help others!

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