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Marsha Mason

VITPP Fox Co (Parris Island) in training w/mentor

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Marsha is a Platoon Parent in Fox Company, Parris Island.

Marsha and her family are originally from Ohio but moved to the beautiful state of Tennessee almost 6 years ago, for a job opportunity. Marsha firmly believes this move was orchestrated by God and was the best thing that ever happened to their family - as well as being a compelling reason her son was led to the Marines! She is a long-time retail District Manager, currently with Bath and Body Works. Her husband was a stay-at-home dad for years before just recently going back to work full-time at a local chemical plant. She has an older daughter that is currently in college, pursuing a medical degree, and a younger son that is a junior in high school. Both are extremely proud of their brother and his willingness to serve!

When Marsha first learned of her son's interest in the Marines, the typical emotions surfaced - fear, anxiety, resistance, negativity. The military was completely foreign to her, as she came from a conservative Mennonite background. But she quickly realized that this was her son's calling - everything about the military fit her son's personality to the core: the discipline, the rigor, the esprit de corps....made perfect sense. She understood that she could nag and complain and try to hold him back....or she could get on board and support him. So - when he signed his DEP papers at 17, Marsha was there with tears in her eyes, taking pictures and supporting him, regardless of the fear. She decided to take charge of her fears and educate herself on what this military life, specifically the Marines, was all about.

Finding the MarineParents Facebook groups quite literally saved her sanity - knowledge is power and understanding what was currently happening, why things worked the way they did and just knowing there was someone out there that not only understood but had been there and could answer all the questions was empowering. Now - there is no bigger cheerleader out there, not only for her son, but also for the Marines and all they stand for. Marsha knew she could not only help and support other parents coming behind her, but also educate and be a voice outside the Marines community to raise awareness of what our sons and daughters do to serve this great country. She feels this is her platform and hopes to continue to influence and spread the good word of what being a Marine really means!

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