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a volunteer at Our volunteers work around the United States in a variety of capacities. Please give a shout out of thanks to one of our Official Marine Parents Facebook Group volunteers!

Anna Salomon

Group Guide SOI MCT E

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Anna volunteers is a Group Guide in our SOI MCT East Facebook group. She hopes to offer the same loving encouragement, support and guidance to families she received when her Marine was a Recruit in boot camp (and beyond).

Anna and her husband, Peter, have three beautiful sons. Their oldest son is a Marine, while the younger two are in school and avidly watching the adventures of their brother. In addition to being a busy mom, Anna works at a synagogue as an education director, loves to cook and bake, and travel.

While researching his next steps after graduating high school a year early, their oldest surprised the family with a home visit from a Recruiter and his decision to become a Marine. As the first Marine (his grandfather and great-grandfather were both in the Air Force and another great-grandfather was in the Army), he is definitely making sure his brothers have big shoes to fill when they grow up! The whole family could not be more proud.

As a super proud Marine Mom, Anna volunteers at Marine Parents in order to give back to the community that means so much to her.

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