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Jennifer Winfield

Platoon Parent Oscar Company (Parris Island)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Jennifer has decided to become a volunteer for Marine Parents. She will be working in the Oscar Company Facebook group. Her main reason for wanting to work in this group is because her daughter is a recent bootcamp graduate of Oscar Company. As a volunteer, Jennifer will work to answer questions of recruit parents who have recruits at Parris Island and have questions/concerns about their daughters. She will also give support to those parents who are missing their daughters and just need an understanding shoulder to cry on. She will be here for you if you need her.

Jennifer is a mother of two. Her daughter joined the Marine Corp and was sent to Parris Island. On February 21, her daughter like some of yours, stepped on those infamous yellow foodprints at Parris Island and then she promptly landed herself in medical with a case of double pink eye. Poor girl just wanted to get into a platoon and become a Marine. In March, she was added to Oscar Platoon and on June 9th graduated as a United States Marine. Jennifer and her family were there to show their pride and joy for that moment. Her son will be getting married in October. She is the youngest in her family and her children mean everything to her.

Jennifer decided to become a volunteer because when her daughter left she felt very sad and alone. She missed her baby girl very much. She found the Facebook family of recruit parents to be very helpful to her sadness and loved that she had a place to share her feeling and find answers to many of her questions. She loved to hear the success stories of some recruits and prayed dearly for the not so successful stories. She wants to give back to people like herself whose children have decided to become Marines and serve and protect us without selfishness or concern. She hopes to bring comfort and friendship to those who need her and learn and share more about the Corps family that our children have made us a part of.

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