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Tracy Bateman

Group Leader Lima Company (Parris Island)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Tracy found the Marine Family Network in early February 2016, within days of her son coming home and telling her he joined the Delayed Entry Program. She found great comfort, support and information that helped her get through the first and biggest decision of her son’s life. When he shipped to Parris Island in August 2016, she found the Facebook page for Mike Company. It was very important for Tracy to give back all the love and care she received so she volunteered for Platoon Parent during the second phase. Her attention and enthusiasm garnered her notice and she was asked to step up as Group Guide for the following Lima Company, Parris Island. She is now Group Leader for Lima Company, Parris Island.

Tracy comes from a long line of military family representing the Army, Navy, USAF (WWII) and Marine Corps. Her grandfather, father, great uncles and uncles, as well as a cousin have all served our Country with honor. Growing up around the military lifestyle has ingrained in her deep respect and admiration for those who choose the Armed Service path and each of the branches of our Armed Forces.

Tracy is a working wife and mother of 3. Her Marine son graduated from Parris Island on Nov. 10, 2016.

Tracy is proud of her contribution and intends to continue comforting and motivating future recruit parents for as long as she can.

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