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Lisa DeWitt

Group Leader Fox Co, Coach 3rd (Parris Island)

Marine Parent and Volunteer

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer,

Lisa is a Marine Parents volunteer as a Group Leader for Fox Company, Second Recruit Training Battalion and Coach for the Second Battalion boot groups. She wishes to be able to support, encourage and pass on all of what she has experienced and learned through this Facebook group while her now Marine journeyed through MCRD Parris Island.

Lisa's husband served in the Army's 82nd Airborne Division. Her father-in-law, a Korean War Veteran also served in the Army. Her Marine was greatly influenced by his father and grandfather's duty to Country and made the decision to become a Marine as a junior in high school when he was 16. He enlisted in the Delayed Entry Program on his 17th birthday. For her Marine, this is what he has wanted to do since the age of eleven and he as finally realized his dream. He graduated from Parris Island on October 14th after 13 weeks of boot! Her Marine son, has a younger sister who is inspired by his dedication, commitment and perseverance. She too wants to someday serve our great Country. Lisa and her family are extremely proud of their Marine and his Marine brothers and sisters.

Lisa is a native of Long Island where she likes to spend time with family and friends on the island's many, beautiful beaches! She enjoys the change in seasons and likes to take long walks in the snow. She is a proud, former employee of U.S. Airways where she worked as a customer service agent at New York's LaGuardia Airport. She loves animals, and rode horses growing up, competing all over the east coast.

Lisa's heart is full of pride and love for her son. His decision to become a United States Marine has always been supported. Lisa is and always will be his biggest fan. Maya Angelo once said, "I think a hero is any person really intent on making a better place for all people." She believes this quote holds true in a young person's decision to become a Marine. They are all heroes in her eyes. The support and guidance through this Facebook page has been invaluable to her while her son was at boot camp. She is grateful for the opportunity to "give back" and is looking forward to sharing the excitement, accomplishments and pride with the families of recruits at MCRD Parris Island. Semper Fi

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