Join the chat room to talk in real-time with other Marine, recruit and Veteran family members! Chat is open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. This is an informal gathering where we can get to know one another.

¡Habla en tiempo real con otras personas! Chat en Español todos los miércoles por la noche. Programa de noches de chat y temas aquí. Inicie sesión para chatear en MarineParents.com.



The chat room will be open for two hours Monday and Wednesday as noted for each time zone below. On Thursday, we stay open one hour later to accomodate Pacific and Mountain time zones.

Time Zone
Boot Camp
All Stages
Eastern 8-10 PM 8-10 PM 8-11 PM
Central 7-9 PM 7-9 PM 7-10 PM
Mountain 6-8 PM 6-8 PM 6-9 PM
Pacific 5-7 PM 5-7 PM 5-8 PM


Each Monday is open to poolee and recruit family members with a loved one in or soon-to-be in poolee stage, quarantine, or boot camp.


Nuestra sala de chat para familiares de reclutas y familiares Marines de habla hispana está abierta todos los Miércoles por la noche de 8:00 p.m. a 10:00 p.m., hora del Este.

Wednesdays are reserved for our Spanish-speaking family members.


Each Thursday is open to Marine and Veteran family members in ALL stages of the Corps, from SOI, MOS, Fleet, Reserves, and Veterans. Each Thursday we will ALSO include a "specialty" volunteer on the following topics:

  • 1st Thursday of the month:
    After the Corps (families w/ veterans)
  • 2nd Thursday of the month:
    Officer Candidate School (includes OCS & TBS)
  • 3rd Thursday of the month:
    Fleet & Reserves
  • 4th Thursday of the month:
    Recruit Medical (RSBN/MRP)


10 Rules for Posting in Chat

Our 10 Posting Rules will apply to all chat night conversations.

10 Reglas para publicar en Chat
  1. This is a Place to Connect & Share® as Marine Corps families. Join the group only if you meet the criteria. Stay on topic. Support is encouraged; kindness is required; bullying and vulgarity are not permitted. Everyone needs to feel safe while sharing.
  2. Posts and comments violating OPSEC or PERSEC are not permitted. Being part of this group requires mutual trust; what is said in the group stays in the group. Respect your own privacy and respect the privacy of others, your family, and your recruit or Marine.
  3. Respect USMC personnel privacy, safety and chain of command. Posts about USMC business or contact information for USMC personnel are not permitted. Let the Marine Corps run the Marine Corps; when the USMC shares it, we can share it.
  4. Advertising, soliciting, fundraising or spamming are not permitted. Posts and comments mentioning other services, organizations, businesses, solicitation, fundraising, or spam will be removed and the member in violation will be removed from the group.
  5. Posts or comments which include social media groups other than Official MarineParents.com Facebook Groups are not permitted. We discourage PMs; requests to PM group members are not permitted. Moderators and Admins for like-groups will be removed from our groups.
  6. Links, websites, news, or articles deemed inappropriate, off-topic, or in violation of our posting rules are not permitted. News MUST be from established sources. Links to websites deemed in competition with the organization or the EGAshop.com are not permitted.
  7. Posts or comments about military incidences/casualties are not permitted until the military, USMC or Department of Defense has released an official notice. It is NOT important for group members to be "First to Know". The FAMILY MEMBERS must be the first to know.
  8. Posts in violation of copyright are not permitted. Photos and videos in violation of our posting rules are not permitted. Personal photos of a Marine in uniform with a weapon, or recruits in training exercises or drill (except at graduation), are not permitted.
  9. Posts or comments about politics jeopardize the support atmosphere and are not permitted. Posts and comments with a call to action deemed in violation of our posting rules are not permitted. Those agendas simply do not belong in our groups.
  10. We've been helping Marines and their family members as a non-profit since 2003. We will make posts about our good works. We will ask for donations. We will ask you to shop in our store, EGAShop.com where 85% of our income is derived. Please help us help others.
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